The vineyard “Nad Polankou” and its Blaufränkisch

Vištuk, vineyard Nad Polankou. We planted Blaufränkisch variety in Vištuk, in the “Nad Polankou” vineyard in 2017 on an area of 3 hectares. The decision to plant this red-grape variety in the vineyards was partially made because we wanted to take advantage of the loess soil with a higher limestone content, which gives the wine primarily its fruity character. Subsequently, in 2021 we naturally proceeded with further planting in this vineyard, this time with the Dunaj variety; thereby completing this 10-hectare Nad Polankou vineyard and giving it a "red-grape character".

The vineyard is windy, sunny, and perhaps it was the windiness aspect that guided us during the planting to align the rows of vines with the prevailing winds for optimal growth and cultivation.

Right at this time, in mid-June, the vineyard is starting to display its vibrant colors. These are the colors of both the vineyard itself, and the herbs - the mixture of herbs, which we currently plant in all our vineyards. This herb-mixture serves to work with the soil, to lighten it and to ensure a better penetration of rainwater. It is composed of mustard, phacelia, clover, vetch, oil radish, all of which contribute to the vineyard`s rainwater regime.

And how are the vineyard and the future grapes doing? Currently, we are in the vegetative period before flowering and we expect the vineyard to begin blooming fully in the coming days, because after the heavy rains that characterized the first 10 days of June, the weather has finally cleared up and the sun is starting to awake the blossoms.

It is interesting to note that this vineyard has also been cultivated in the bio-regime for the past fourth year. These 10 hectares dressed in blue get their new look on a single plot. After all, even the virgin harvest of Blaufränkisch variety in 2019 yielded a beautiful, fresh and fruity red wine Blaufränkisch wine, the character of which is formed by this vineyard itself, its soil, location and the labor of those tending to it.

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