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KARPATSKÁ PERLA is a Slovak family owned winery located in Šenkvice, that was established by Margita and Ladislav Šebo in 1991. The vision in the early years of the winery was to preserve the traditions and heritage of ancestors by developing picturesque vineyards and producing unique wines. After 20 years of high quality vinegroving and winemaking our winery gained Slovak winery of the year award in years 2011 and 2012, which is awarded by The Slovak association of vinegrowers and winemakers.

Winerie´s philosophy is the motto “Vineyard is the birthplace of pearls“, that is reflecting our consistent care of our vineyards. Most of our wines are made from our own grapes grown on 50 hectares in Slovakia´s most valued winemaking territory Small Carpathian Wine Region. The largest single vineyard Suchý vrch (Dry hill) covers the area of 28 hectares and is cultivated by the integrated production principles. We produce wines with protected designation of origin in five collections JAGNET, VARIETO, DÍLEMÚRE, 4 ELEMENTS and KARPATSKÁ PERLA.

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