Our philosophy

In harmony with nature, sustainable production, family and tradition, the Small Carpathian region and vineyards. This is KARPATSKÁ PERLA, the Carpathian Pearl. Suchý vrch, Noviny, Kramáre, Kalvária, Ingle, Šajby, Nad Polankou...we have 60 hectares of vineyards that are imprinted with our values of continuous honest hard work.

Since 1991, we have developed our vineyards in a way that blends sensitively and respectfully into our surroundings but also respects the region and traditions of where we live and produce our wine. Here, the juices rise within our wines at daybreak and this is where our pearls are born. The pearl is a noble reference to what we create throughout our lives. Straightforward, nice, high quality wine. It is a drink that expresses love, sincerity and friendship.

Taste our wine and experience an uplifting feeling of harmony with nature, your loved ones, with every moment… and with life.

Margita Šebová and Ladislav Šebo

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