Our history

In 1983, after our marriage we started to help Zárubas with wine production. Up to 1991 we helped our parents with selling, in cellar and even in vineyards. During this period we gained useful experience to be independent and to established our own business.

In 1991 we established our own business. We produced wine in the cellar of our houses basement. This is where we started our own wine life with our first work of art – varietal wine Rhein Riesling.

We moved our production from our house to Pezinok in 1994. There we rented production hall from our late uncle Štefan Záruba, who regained his property in restitution. Our company worked in this hall for 4 years.

In 1995 our Moravian Muscat won the best young wine award at Vinoforum wine competition in Pezinok. Since we had to bring adjusted wine to the reception, we had to have manufactured our label. Our first label was a graphic by Oliver Solga, with whom we collaborated from that moment. Afterwards we met Marián Komáček, who organized International symposium of graphics. In addition to this event a bulletin has been launched of graphic art, from which we have chosen a graphic of Karol Félix for our label. He gave us his approval to use his graphic as label for our wines and from that moment on we used the graphics of Slovak artists for 10 years.

In 1997 we bought a building from a cooperative in Šenkvice. We had reconstructed the building to be the seat of our company.

The year 1998 was a break true year for us in many aspects. We started to use new wine producing technologies, such as controlled fermentation, vinification and barique maturing. We had good luck that our uncle Peter Záruba has constantly educated us, because he had known where the development was aiming and he was familiar with new technologies coming from abroad. In that time period also the character of production was in change, our company’s ambition was to produce only high quality wines. In order to achieve this goal, we needed different cellars and storehouses.

The next crucial step was the purchase of estate in Svätý Martin, where our largest vineyard Suchý vrch with 28 hectares is situated. The vineyard planting started in the year 2000, which was very hard year for wine producers. Only 75 % of vine took roots the other part had to be planted later.

For the required technologies and the financial loans were helpful. Our EU projects involved company rebuilding, vineyard planting and new wine producing technology provision. Seeing that we required to change our production and storage spaces, we developed a study with architects Sadecky and Piter. By the project realization we collaborated with Marcinka architect, who developed the study of presentational and storage spaces.

Years 2006 and 2008 were challenging due to the building works. The rebuilding of the producing, storage, administrative and presentational spaces lasted from 13th of March 2006 to 21st of March 2008. On the 21st of March 2008 you could witness final ceremonial building approval of the new spaces on the event Pekné víno s rozhľadom (Nice wine with overview). The top of it all was the opening of 21 metre high watchtower with panoramatic view of the Small Carpathians. One day before this event our company was ceremonially sanctificationed.

The building of our company was awarded with the ARCH award nomination in 2010. The combination of elements of architecture and wine collection graphic design has achieved another great success during VINUM SUPERBUM wine exhibition. We gained an award for the best „Corporate Identity“ of company from Association of Slovak Architects.

In 2011 we achieved for the first time the award „Winery of they year“, granted by Association of Slovak Winemakers and Vine-growers.

In 2012 we repeated our success and achieved the award „Winery of they year“ again, which was granted by Association of Slovak Winemakers and Vine-growers and Vinotéka Magazine.

In 2016 the premises of our winery were finished – our new tasting room and archive. Both premises were originally build by Nupod cooperative in 1942.

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