Big Gold medal for Devín 2018 from Paris

"I am a wine that was born in 2018 in the Small Carpathians in Slovakia during a hot and dry autumn from grapes basking in the sun, soaked in by noble botrytis and dried by the cold wind. Many months later I was ready for the decisive verdict during the Vinalies Internationales. It has been a long journey to glory, which I will tell you about." This is how Nadine Franjus begins to write the story of our late harvest wine Devín 2018, which won a big gold medal in the category of naturally sweet wines at Vinalies Internationales in Paris in 2023.

Nadine Franjus describes the journey that every sample of wine must undergo to reach the international wine competition Vinalies Internationales in Paris, held under the auspices of the OIV (World Organization of Vine and Wine).

She continues with the actual presentation of our wine from the Small Carpathians, describing its appearance, aroma and taste. "What a beautiful robe! It shimmers green-gold and lazily lounges in the glass while releasing tiny notes of camphor mineral. It is delicate, brightened by a grated lemon, candied angelica and steamed rhubarb. The taste of the wine is a creamy caress, rich in sweet spices and spicy fruit which linger into a long finish of fresh and candied pineapple. It's a wonderful, obviously botrytized wine, yet it has retained the vitality of the berries (by drying on the vine). It is just a beautiful balance of richness, aromatic strength and spicy freshness.'

Thank you, Nadine Franjus for your kind and sympathetic description of our wine Devin 2018.

You can read the entire article HERE.