Spring in the Noviny vineyard

The cherry tree is already in full bloom and we are already looking forward to the upcoming year that the Noviny vineyard will bring us.

Čerešňa v kvete

For those who may not know what everything the Noviny vineyard hides, let us share a few lines about it. This vineyard was planted in the 80s of the last century. It comprises a total of 4 cohesive hectares with the variety of Grüner Veltliner. And last but not least, it is characterized by a 103-year-old cherry tree planted by great-grandmother of Ladislav Šebo, which teaches us that tradition is a gift which we are supposed to take care of.

The vineyard is located on a bed of weathered granite. It is a type of soil that was formed many years ago through the transition from granite to loess from the massif of the Small Carpathian Mountains. It is a kind of transition from the Small Carpathian granite to the Small Carpathian loess, as the soil contains rocks such as granite, quartz, clay and limestone. This type of soil gives the wine fruity and spicy notes.                          


In 2014 in Noviny, as in our first vineyard, we made a decision to start cultivating the vineyard using NDM substances and additional assistance of sulfur and copper in significantly lower doses than recommended in organic production. Despite the risk of cultivating the vineyard in this regime, our years-long effort paid off and ever since we have managed to keep the occurrence of potential diseases in a very good condition and produce nice, dry Grüner Veltliner wine from this vineyard every year.

Vinohrad 2

Since 2019, we have been producing wine from this vineyard by spontaneous fermentation, which means we use a gentle and maximally natural approach to winemaking. We let the vineyard express itself in the wine. This is also why we decided to have the leaves, bark and grapes analyzed and we managed to find noble yeasts, thanks to which the functionality of spontaneous fermentation is ensured without the addition of pure yeast cultures.

The wine from the Noviny vineyard always pleasantly surprises with its spiciness, full fruity flavor with a subtle hint of tropical fruit. It has an interesting archival potential, which is why we like to recall it by returning to it when tasting older vintages. After all, it is fascinating to know whether the work of the vine grower and the winemaker, as well as the terroir and the character of the vineyard are positively passed on to and reflected in the older vintages!

Čerešňa vo vinohrade

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